What are the benefits of switching to electronic vouchers?

Electronic products offer various benefits for both employers and employees!

Benefits for employers:

  • Simplified ordering process in your MyEdenred space
  • Automatic distribution of tickets: your employees' Edenred cards are loaded directly
  • Delivery of Edenred cards directly to your company or to your employees' homes
  • Easy management of your orders, payments and invoices in your MyEdenred space
  • Savings on annual delivery costs

Benefits for employees:

  • A wider network than ever! The card is accepted in all eligible businesses that accept Mastercard: major retailers, supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, grocery shops, etc.

For online or in-store purchases, contactless or not. They can also pay mobile or with their smartwatch with Apple Pay.

  • The first green card on the market, made of 85% recycled PVC
  • Payment to the nearest cent
  • Autonomous management of their card in the MyEdenred app: choice of PIN code, activation of the card, consultation of their balance and transaction history...
  • Receive the latest updates and inspiring newsletters
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